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Python’s Deep Object Size

Traversal over Python’s objects sub-tree and calculating the total size of the sub-tree (deep size).
The package is published as an open source at and available to install via PyPI using “pip install objsize”.

Intel’s Cache Allocation Technology (CAT) Driver

A user level driver that allows control over the CAT’s classes-of-services (COS) and the assignment of COS to CPU.
It is implemented it in Python using rdmsr/wrmsr to write directly to the CPUs’ MSRs.
The driver code is available at

 Phoronix Test Suite Python Results

This is a module for Phoronix Test Suite that prints the result of the benchmarks in a python readable format.
The output of this module can be parsed by python using ast.literal_eval(output).
This module is built in PHP, as all of the modules for Phoronix Test Suite (and the core itself).
The module source code is available at

Web Folder Indexer

Creates an “index.html” file for the content of a folder and subfolders, and allows to present certain file types inside the Web-GUI.
If an info file exists (should be json/dict), it will be visible in the folder’s page.
The library source code is available at

Industrial Project Website

Industrial Project is a course in the Technion that allows students to participate in a project with the industry.
In the site I have built, you can see all of the projects with mini-website for each project.
The site uses XML as its database and XSL (using JavaScript for cross-platform support) to render the pages.
You can see the site here:
The JavaScript source will be published as an open-source in the future.

Motion Control Android App/Widget

Motion Control is an Android application I have built for controlling the Linux motion detection software Motion and watching a live camera feed from your home security camera.
Motion Control is open source project, continuing of Motion Widget app (but completely rebuilt).
The application source code is available at

eWolf Social Network

eWolf is a distributed social network that has no main server. The users are the servers; much like BitTorrent and Kad networks.
My contribution (as a Parallel And Distributed programming project) was the Web-GUI.
You can see the source code here: