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Productivity Projects

Python’s Deep Object Size [Python]: Traversal over Python’s objects sub-tree and calculating the total size of the sub-tree (deep size). and available to install via PyPI using “pip install objsize”.

Nested Dict File-System [Python]: Storing permanent data on the drive via a hierarchical/nested dict-like API.

Phoronix Test Suite Python Results [PHP]: This is a module for Phoronix Test Suite that prints the result of the benchmarks in a python readable format.
The output of this module can be parsed by python using ast.literal_eval(output).

Web Folder Indexer [Python]: Generates an “index.html” file that displays the folder tree with files preview inside the Web-GUI.

Industrial Project Website [Javascript and XSL]: Presents all of the projects in the Technion course and links to the projects’ mini-website. Auto generated on the client side according to an XML database. Industrial Project is a course in the Technion that allows students to participate in a project with the industry.

Research Projects

vecfunc [C++ and Python]: Represent a multi dimensional function using a vector/matrix/tensor and perform various manipulations on them.

cloudsim [Python]: Simulating a cloud clients, provides and resource usage.

Stochastic Allocation Simulator (SAS) [Python and C++]: Simulating stochastic resource allocation using “cloudsim” framework (see publications).

Intel’s Cache Allocation Technology (CAT) Driver [Python]: a user level driver that controls classes-of-services (COS) allocation and assignment. It is implemented by calling rdmsr/wrmsr to write directly to the CPUs’ MSRs.

eWolf Social Network [Javascript]: eWolf is a distributed social network that has no main server. The users are the servers; much like BitTorrent and Kad networks.
My contribution (as a Parallel And Distributed programming project) was the Web-GUI.

“Just for fun” Projects

Motion Control Android App/Widget [Java]: Android application for controlling the Linux motion detection software (motion) and watching a live camera feed from your home security camera.

Plugin for VLC media player [C++]: play/pause using mouse gestures.

Two plugins for Totem media player [Python]: automatic download of subtitles and remember my last position.